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To the men and women of the following organizations whose contributions were essential to the success of these historic records.

Universal Weather and Aviation Services
A tremendous thanks to Kevin Tipton and Cindy Suggs for their herculean efforts in getting the ball really rolling with Unversal. They helped launch the idea of Unversal's sponsorship and made all the intial contacts to make it happen.The outstanding professional service that the Red Team, under Darryl Young, supplied proved key to our success.. Their perseverance and flexibility under constantly changing circumstances proved their professionalism time and again. Flight planning, weather support and ATC coordination smoothed the way for us and certainly proved that customer service is what Universal is all about.

Special thanks to Jim Reed (Manager) Ralph Vargas, Mark Miller (flight planning) and Dave Houle (weather) for their hands on approach in assisting our effort.

Williams International Engines
We can't say enough about the reliability and efficiency of the FJ44-2A engines. They performed superbly throughout this continuous series of maximum performance flights. The technical advice we received from Ron Schwedland in conjunction with the engineering staff was accurate and timely and as such we felt even more assued that the engines would perform up to our expectations - they were flawless!

 Mather Aviation, LLC
The entire maintenance staff under the able direction of Chris Lijesen - General Manager,  stepped up to the plate on a very fast track in preparation for this extremely ambitious series of flights. They organized and then supervised the exacting pitot-static calibration and critical weight and balance measurements demanded by the strict requirements of the National Aeronautic Association.

Atlantic Aviation (our home base)
The able staff and aircraft marshallers, under the close supervision of Norman Ramirez - General Mgr., were also insrumental in facilitating the fueling, positioning and launch of the aircraft on the first leg of its historic sequence of record flights.

Duncan Aviaton (Lincoln, NE), Jet Air Systems (San Diego, CA), SheltAir Aviation Services (Jacksonville, FL)
The downline fueling and support given to us by these fine FBO service organizations must be given their just acknowledgement. They all were leaning forward in the trenches and just as enthusiastic as we were to be contributing to the success of this exciting endeavor.

Kris Maynard - NAA Observer
A speical thanks to our NAA assigned official observer. Kris is on the Board of Directors of the NAA and is a record holder himself. By his own admission he had never participated in a more ambitious number of consecutive record attempts and yet he stayed the course. His unbiased and professional oversight ensured that our records were flown within the strictest of NAA and FAI tolerance. Thank you Kris.

EvoLibri Consulting
We can't forget Jan Thompson-Tyler for her tireless assistance in public relations, press and media coordination. Many long hours were spent by Jan under the tightest of time constaints and moving goal posts.

Ardenflight WebMaster

Finally, great credit must be given to Bob Moseley, our own IT professional who expertly prepared and maintained this website then tirelessly and accurately chronicaled our minute by minute progress for posterity and for the enjoyment of all aviation enthusiats who followed our journey.

Thanks to All,

Matt Brooks Alan Cirino
Flight Commander Chief Pilot
Ardenflight Ardenflight