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The Cessna Citation 501 SP FJ44 Eagle II® is the second generation of enhancements to the Citation 500/501SP family. It improves the overall performance of aircraft in all categories at a fraction of the cost of buying "new." Compared to other powered aircraft in its class (i.e., CJI, CJ2, and Premier), the Cessna Citation 501 SP FJ44 Eagle II® out-performs them all from a quality, performance, reliability and value standpoint.

    * Delivers 32 percent more takeoff thrust at the point of rotation
    * Will climb direct to FL 430 in less than 30 minutes
    * Boasts a max cruise that is more than 50 knots faster than the stock Citation 500/501SP; economy cruise is 30 knots faster
    * Will travel more than 2,000 nautical miles at economy cruise
    * Sips fuel; consumption is reduced by up to 40 percent
    * Package price: $1.9 million

Williams International FJ44-2A fanjet engine

At the heart of the Eagle II's exceptional performance is the Williams International FJ44-2A fanjet engine. Featuring the company's third generation wide-sweep fan technology, combined with the most advanced computer-aided design and performance modeling, the engine delivers power and reliability that is comparable to much larger, heavier, and more expensive engines.

    * Increases speed 40-50 knots
    * Holds unique fan and compressor sections
    * Maintains modest turbine temperatures
    * Retains low cost turbofan technology
    * Has outstanding combination of thrust, weight and specific fuel rate of 40,000 feet
    * Contains half the parts of older engines

The aircraft is also equipped with the following navigation and communication equipment:

    * Garmin GTN-750 & GTN-650 Touch Screen Nav LRN GPS(WAAS) with fully integrated GPS/NAV/COMM w/8.33 spacing/FM immunity
    * Garmin GDL 69A Satellite Datalink Transceiver provides XM digital weather    uplink and XM radio in-flight entertainment with ATC interrupt feature>
    * Dual DME's
    * Dual Collins FD 109 Flight Directors
    * Bendix KHF-950 HF System
    * Iridium Satellite Phone System
    * Bendix KMD-850 Multi-function Display
    * Dual Air Data Display Units (ADDU1)
    * Dual GTX-330 Transponders
    * Sperry/Honeywell SPZ 500 Autopilot
    * Rosemount Total Air Temp Probe
    * Dual Analog Interface Units
    * Bendix/King RDR-2000 Color Radar
    * Bendix/King ADF
    * Bendix/King CAS 66A TCAS I
    * Bendix/King KGP 560 GA-EGPWS