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Minute by Minute Progress

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With the planned flight now underway, we here at the update center can't wait to hear how our intrepid group of adventurers progress in their goal to capture those records! And, thanks to the power of technology, we won't have to. Expect to get regular updates on the progress of the flight, which we here at news central will pass on to you.  Refresh often!

10/31/2006 09:59 PM PST -- Just heard from the adventuring crew who say that they are airborne, off on the first leg of their journey. They will be flying from Hayward Executive Airport (KHWD) to San Diego's Gillespie Airport (KSEE). Departure was a little later than planned, thanks to some last-minute issues with the technology that will be used to record the record setting (they knocked over a camera, it didn't work any longer, so they had to get a replacement) but now the adventure begins. Weather looks good and all aboard were positive about the upcoming flight. As Pilot Alan Cirino said, "We're ready to start our Odyssey."

10/31/2006 11:23 PM PST -- The intrepid crew has landed at Gillespie and are now refueling the aircraft and preparing to really get moving on the flight. They estimate a 2 AM PST for their next departure with weather still projected fine for the record setting portions of the flight. They did express some concern that folks might not fully understand the goals of this flight, so asked that we direct folks to this post.

11/01/2006 01:45 AM PST -- Sending a quick email from the ground, pilot Alan Cirino shares a jet stream airchart showing how the wind should be helping them along. Auspicious weather indeed. Check this out:


11/01/06 03:40 AM PST -- The flight, which has received the callsign, FASTFLIGHT1 is 1 hour into the journey and looks to be smashing the record. They are speeding along at 409 knots, which should help them arrive much sooner than expected. For this crew, it's true that time flies when you're having fun.

11/01/06 05:52 AM PST -- Pilot Alan, contacting us via the fantastic air to ground communication system reports that they are over 43,000 feet over Tyler Texas, with about an hour and ten minutes left to go. The jetstream tailwind is giving them such a boost that in just the short time of communication, they report two speeds: first Alan tells us that they are moving along at 415 knots, but before the communication is finished, Flight Commander Matt Brooks says in the background that the aircraft is now recording just over 443 knots. We then heard from NAA Observer Kris who tells us about the "exceptional aircraft" and "crackerjack pilots." He requests that I mention that all records that we might report during the course of this play-by-play are unofficial until the data and the observer's notes have been reviewed and the records confirmed by the NAA and the FAI. Duly noted.

11/01/06 08:17 AM PST