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They Did It -- Pilots Break Flight Distance Record

They Did It -- Pilots Break Record Flight Distance Record in Cessna Citation 501 FJ44 Eagle II

National Aeronautic Association (NAA) queries pilot to attempt new record for this class.

Hayward, CA (PRWEB via PRWeb) November 1, 2006 -- In the early hours of Wednesday morning, November 1st, pilots Matt Brooks and Alan Cirino flew east to set the record for distance in the 6614 – 13,228 pound Weight Class. The aircraft left from the Hayward Executive Airport, and headed east.

The crew and the aircraft performed flawlessly. They stoutly broke the longest distance record on this flight.
At approximately 9 AM EST, the pilots landed in Jacksonville, FLA, and according to Kris Maynard, observer from the NAA, broke three records:
--Trans-Continental speed record
--Longest Distance Record for weight class
--Speed Over a Recognized Course - San Diego, CA to Jacksonville, FL.

According to Maynard, "The crew and the aircraft performed flawlessly. They stoutly broke the longest distance record on this flight." The record will become official after the first of the year. The crew will next head to Lincoln, NE, where on Thursday, Nov. 2, they will attempt three more records.

Ardenbrook, Inc. has already carved a proud record into the Aviation History Books. In May of 2004, a flight crew headed by Matt Brooks set a Round the World record "West Bound" for the weight class listed above in his Cessna Citation 501 FJ44 Eagle II.

The National Aeronautic Association recently queried Brooks as to whether he had any interest in attempting the previously-unset record of the greatest distance flown between two points. Brooks, who received his first pilot's license at age 13, will command this record flight with Alan Cirino, Chief Pilot for Ardenbrook, and a professional pilot since 1966. After the distance flight, Brooks and Cirino will reposition the aircraft to Lincoln, NE and plan on attempting three more records: (1) Time to Climb (without payload) to 3000 meters (9842 feet), (2) Closed Circuit Course - 1000 km (539.9 miles), and (3) Closed Circuit Course - 2000 km (1079 miles).

The NAA encourages pilots of all levels of experience to set records each year. National and world records c